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"Want to be your own boss? Struggling with a small business? Judy's book, 'Famous Isn't Enough', is an illuminating read on entrepreneurship From the good, the bad and the ugly, Judy tells all in this quick read. Insightful as it is heart warming, readers are armed with the tips they need to be successful and profitable. Highly recommended to anyone who had the guts to leave Corporate America and hang a shingle!"
Elizabeth Lions
Elizabeth Lions
Speaker and Author of 'I Quit! Working For You Isn't Working For Me'
When I first met Judy, she was our keynote speaker at our Ambitious Women's Conference.  Her insight into the differences in working with men and  women was eye opening and yet the message had an underlying theme...being an entrepreneur. We invited her back again and this time she spoke about being in your own business and in one hour Judy captivated her audience with humor and knowledge from her personal experiences of starting a business and staying in business.  Her book, which is a guide to earning a living as an entrepreneur will surely to do the same!   
Esther Spina
Esther Spina
National Consultant, Ambit Energy
Some so-called experts have never been in business, but they're happy to tell you how to run yours.  Judy Hoberman's been there--she's an entrepreneur, and when she speaks, it's with authority and authenticity. Rather than rolling out platitudes and cliches, she gives real-world examples and details, and her readers know they can trust her to give them the information they need to succeed.  
Elizabeth Basden
Elizabeth Basden
Managing Partner, Basden & Ivie, PC

What's Inside?

This book is an illuminating read on entrepreneurship covering:

  • Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & Lessons Learned

    Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & Lessons Learned

    Isn’t it funny that when you make the decision to be an entrepreneur your rationalization for situations is not always “smart”? The first thing everyone tells you to do is to have a business plan….but, why would you need a business plan? Click the title above to find out more about Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & Lessons Learned.

  • Proven Time Management Techniques

    Proven Time Management Techniques

    Time management is one of the hardest concepts entrepreneurs have to grasp, especially when it means working from home. Many people find the transition from an office routine to the self-employed lifestyle confusing, because there are no rules. The only person holding you accountable to putting in a full day’s work is you, and the desire to procrastinate is ever-present. Click the title above to read more about Time Management.

  • Networking Mastery

    Networking Mastery

    Everyone you talk to tells you the way to build your business has to do a lot with networking. Some people say you need to meet hundreds of people, others say it’s just those around you that are important. No matter what school of thought you subscribe to, networking can be and should be a component of your marketing plan. Click the title above to read more about Networking Mastery.

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